Company registration in Geneva

Registering your company in downtown Geneva

Registering your business in Geneva is straightforward. We offer a business registration service for:

  • Sole proprietorships and freelancers
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Corporations (Inc.)

Business registration fees – Monthly prices

Simple registration Price /month
C/O registration  99 CHF HT
Personal name registration  109 CHF HT

Having your business’s commercial address in Geneva has never been easier with Karpeo :

  1. You simply contact us using the form below.
  2. We set up the registration contract so you can start using your new address ;
  3. We receive your mail and forward it to you as per your convenience;
  4. We can also assist you in the process of changing your address with the Trade Register.

Commercial address for your business in Geneva

Looking for more than just business registration ? We partner with high-quality providers. You can benefit from office rental services, workspace, virtual offices, or a spot in a coworking space.

At Karpeo, we offer a comprehensive business registration package that meets all your expectations : affordable prices, high-quality infrastructure, and a prime location in the heart of Geneva. If you’re starting your business in Switzerland and want your headquarters in Geneva, Karpeo’s registration offers are designed for you !

We also offer a business registration and trust service in Lausanne.

Interested in our Geneva business registration offers ? Contact us !

Business registration in Switzerland – Questions and answers

What is business registration in Switzerland ?

Business registration is a way for a company to obtain an official address in Switzerland. This address is used for official correspondence and administrative procedures.

Why is it beneficial to have my Swiss company registered in Geneva?

Registering your company in Geneva enhances the credibility and visibility of your business. Having your headquarters in Geneva can grant you access to a favorable economic environment and a constantly growing international market.

Is it necessary to be a resident of Geneva to have a company registered there?

No, it is not necessary to be a resident of Geneva, or even in Switzerland, to have your company registered there.

How much does it cost to register a company in Geneva ?

The costs associated with registering a company in Geneva can vary depending on the services included in your contract. This particularly refers to costs related to office rental or postal service fees, such as mail forwarding or stamping letters.

Can the registered address of the company be changed once it is established ?

Yes, it is possible to change the registered address once it is established. It is important to follow the appropriate administrative procedures to make this change. We can assist you in the process of changing your company’s address.

Does the registered address affect my company’s taxes ?

The registered address of your company can affect the taxes your company will have to pay. In Switzerland, corporate taxes are federal, cantonal, and communal. This means that your registered commune will impact your taxation. For more information, feel free to read our article on tax rates by canton in Switzerland.

What documents are required to register a company in Switzerland ?

Generally, the documents required to register a company in Switzerland may include a copy of the commercial register, proof of identity for the legal or physical person (depending on the legal form of your company), and a written statement explaining why you have chosen this address as your registered address.

What is the timeframe for establishing a registration in Geneva ?

At Karpeo, registration requests are processed on a daily basis. Therefore, you can benefit from a registration in Geneva very quickly, depending on your needs.

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